CAN-bus communication data logger

The CANLogger1000 is a powerful, configurable & simple-to-use CAN-bus data logging device with SD-card


CAN-bus logger product description

The CANLogger1000 is a powerful, configurable and simple-to-use CAN-bus communication data recorder.

The CAN-bus messages are stored on a standard SD-card in a simple format (*.csv) such that it can be directly loaded into an analysis tool (such as MS Excel) for further post processing. The device can be powered directly through the CAN-bus connector and does not need to be connected to a PC. The logged data can be transferred to a PC using a standard mini-USB cable (USB cable included) and requires no special software.

For advanced users, the device can be configured to use message filtering to only log messages with a specified type and ID. Additionally, it is possible to specifically configure which fields of the CAN-message to log (e.g. the ID-field, data length-field, etc.). The configuration, such as CAN-bus bit-rate and message filtering, can be done on a PC and requires no special software. To simplify the device configuration and to test the CAN-bus connection, the device supports real-time CAN-bus traffic to be displayed directly on a PC using the USB-connection.

The ability to enable message filtering and configure which data fields to log combined with the huge available capacity of SD-cards allows data to be collected over a longer time frame. With an 8 GB SD-card installed, the device will be able to store approximately 275.000.000 messages or about a month of data with 100 messages each second.


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